What to Wear? Beach Groom Wedding Attire

When it comes to the best beach wedding groom attire, we recommend to Keep It Simple. Beach wedding ceremonies are unlike other types of weddings because nature demands a more relaxed style of dress. You CAN dress formal, but the sunlight, heat and humidity will have you shedding the formal wear like your honeymoon has come early!

We will be specifically talking about the weather that surrounds our beautiful ceremonies along on the Gulf Coast Beaches of Florida and Alabama. So wearing all dark, dominating colored suits may be quite uncomfortable (depending on time of year) and actually take away from the natural beauty of the emerald crystal water and pure white sand.

The sandy beaches attract specific crowds who desire a more casual and laid back wedding – this generally means an overall more affordable price; however, we do designed our fair share of lavish and complex weddings where sand dollars were of no concern, so it is all about your preference.

There are many variations and styles to choose from, but our general breakdown includes three main parts.

  1. Casual

  2. Classy Casual

  3. Beach Formal


Now, one of the most selected options is a breezy white shirt with tan/khaki pants and you guessed it – no shoes. This is a timeless and stylish beach wedding attire.

Some common casual variations is a thin white, cream, grey, or light brown shirt with optional rolled up sleeves. Pants can be a dark off-white, tan, khaki, grey, or brown with optional rolled up pant legs. (We recommend a single fold.) Of course, no shoes is a must for casual.

Keen Color Tip: Lighter Up Top, Darker Down Bottom!

Classy Casual

If your style – or bride – desires a more vibrant color scheme, then you can choose a Light yellow, green, blue, or coral shirt. Or, any light color in between those and a dark off-white, cream, grey, tan, blue – and if your feeling bold – green or coral pants with an optional complimentary jacket, tie, or vest.

Jacket, tie, vest and shoes are all optional for pre or post pictures with your bride. Some prefer when you line up to walk the aisle, lose the shoes, jacket and noose – so you're not too stiff for your ceremony kiss.

Keep Color Tip: Choose complimentary colors to the emerald water, because the white sand will make your colors pop!

Beach Formal

For these fellas, nothing suits them like a suit and they want the attention to be more on their style and less on the location setting; after all, it is wedding day!

We host many ceremonies for travelers and people who don’t live close to beaches, so regardless of the relaxed atmosphere, formalism is in order.

The most important factor to consider: the Time of Year!

If your wedding is planned during winter through spring, then you have a green light to suit up.  Weather conditions should be crisp enough for the heat and humidity not to sweat you out of your suit. If your wedding is in summer or fall, well, good luck and stay in the shade when possible.

For this style, having a light colored matching suit is a sure way to impress. A sharp silver or light blue is a zestful and sleek look to compliment the white sand and emerald water. Having the jacket, tie, or other accessories are musts and recommended for the photo shoot with your bride. A vest is optional depending on the complexity of your taste.

When you are ready to hit that sandy runway, all you need to loose are your shoes and you’ll be ready.

Keep Color Tip: Do NOT outshine your bride! Ha-ha, no seriously… don’t do it.

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