Meaning Behind the Wedding Sand Ceremony

The wedding sand ceremony is set up so that the bride and groom have a meaningful keepsake that is from their beautiful beach event. It represents the coming together of two people and two families into one. This can be done with just the couple layering two different colors of sand. Or, the families, kids, or friends may also add their own layers of sand.

This may stem from the tradition of a unity candle, only this unity ceremony will never be blown out. It is a lovely memento of your unity for the years to come.

How to do a Wedding Sand Ceremony

To start off your officiant will move the bride and groom to the sand ceremony table. Usually this is right after the ring exchange. They will then say a few words about the meaning of the ceremony. He/she will hand the bride and groom their individual containers of sand.

Generally the groom will start off by pouring the first layer of sand in the center vase. (May be the second layer of sand if there was a base created by the family/kids.)

Next the bride will pour in the next layer of sand. Optionally, family/kids may also pour their own layers of sand in after this.

If no one except the couple is participating in the ceremony, they will continue to pour until it nears the top. At the end, both the bride and groom (or everyone involved) can also pour sand in at the same time on the top. This last bit may also be saved for just the bride and groom to finish later on.

Once it's finish the cork or lid will be placed on the keepsake vessel. The bride and groom will continue the close of the ceremony.

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