Best Beach Wedding Colors

So what are some of the best beach wedding colors? Well, you can use just about any color imaginable. However, some colors really compliment the emerald waters of the Gulf Coast. These are our top picks for beach wedding colors on these white sand beaches. Whether you're looking for accent colors, flowers, or bridesmaids dresses.

Blues Most blue colors look great on the beach. Whether you appreciate a light baby blue all the way to a gray-blue. Although we really appreciate the lighter of the color spectrum, some mid to dark colors can even be complimentary. Be careful with these darker colors though, the contrast can sometimes become distracting or overwhelm the landscape around you.

Greens Many green colors look great, but we especially enjoy the seafoam and light green colors. If you scroll down you'll be able to see some great examples from the green color spectrum.

Coral The beautiful romantic coral colors are always amazing with the greens and blues of the waters. You can also combine corals and blues to create a more dynamic color range that is complimentary.

Turquoise A very popular choice is the color turquoise. It goes very well with the water and you'll be able to also mix certain colors with this one. The mid-greens and coral goes well with this color.

Pink A bold choice, but if you adore pink you can easily use this color along with turquoise or blue as an accent if desired. Otherwise it works well by itself, whether you go from the light to a darker color fuschia.

Other Colors Because the sandy beaches are such a lovely neutral backdrop, you can also use colors such as yellows, grays, and purples. These are less common choices, however they can still be very flattering.

Best Beach Wedding Colors Inspiration

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