Benefits of a First Look Wedding

You've asked the big question, so here's another one. Should you have a first look wedding? This is a quiet moment where the bride and groom see each other, give kisses, hugs, and probably tears, before the ceremony. Never have we seen a couple regret doing a first look, so let's explore the benefits of this special event.

Benefits of a First Look Wedding

- There is no concern on whether the bride might accidentally be spotted. This might actually be more difficult than you'd imagine. Especially if the bride and groom are getting ready in rooms next door to each other.

- You won't have to stress during the day while being apart. Often times the wedding day "ice breaks" once the couple sees each other. Any stress that may have been there is going to be gone after they embrace and catch up.

- This may actually be the only real time the bride and groom are alone the entire wedding day. It's not uncommon as the couple to be so busy the day of, that they do not get a loving "quiet moment" by themselves.

- Everyone is looking their best! Most of the time when hair and makeup is done, it only lasts so long on the beach. Getting the family photos done as soon as possible, after the bride and groom, ensures that everyone will look fresh in their photos.

- First Looks are especially important if you want a sunset ceremony. This way the most important photos are finished before the ceremony. You will not have to worry about having family photos taken in the dark. (This has happened many times before when there's a sunset ceremony scheduled that runs 30 minutes behind. But, not at our events. Wink.)

- The family and couple will actually be able to enjoy the cocktail hour, instead of being outside taking photos during it. Allowing that much more time for friends and family.

The Tradition of Not Seeing the Bride Before the Wedding

Wait! My enter unnamed family member here says that this is tradition and it's bad luck if the bride is seen!

The reason for this tradition may come as a surprise. Back when families would set up weddings as a way to gain property or wealth, the bride would generally never meet the groom until the day of. This way the new groom-to-be couldn't back out of the "transaction" in case he found the woman unfavorable. Yikes.

It's likely your groom will not be running away on the wedding day. (Or, we will catch him and drag him back..) There is still a lot of excitement that is built up during these first moments and it's always captured for others to enjoy. Definitely discuss the pros and cons with your family. Also, remember that these moments should ultimately be left for the bride and groom to decide.

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