9 Mistakes Beach Wedding Brides Make

Choosing the Wrong Beach Wedding Attire

You're at the beach and it's awesome. The sights and the sounds are so relaxing. But usually, you aren't wearing this many layers of clothes. It's a bit sunny out.

Suddenly, their shiny wet heads give away the issue. The guys shouldn't be in dark blue suits for the beach wedding. Whoops!

It's not uncommon for beach weddings to have some formal attire. But as much as it's great to look nice, being comfortable simply cannot be beat.

If you are traveling to a warm location, be sure to double check the "Average Temperatures" in your city/state near the expected wedding day.

You can always add layers on if necessary, but for formal wear it's quite difficult to remove layers.

Choosing the Wrong Wedding Time

Having a sunset wedding is by far the most popular choice, but unfortunately can also be one of uncertainty.

It's happened many times where "life happens" (because it does, especially on a wedding day!) and suddenly the wedding time gets pushed back 30 minutes.

For some brides who wanted a sunset wedding, if it runs even 30 minutes behind, it can easily become a sundown wedding.

Which in most cases, can turn out beautiful as well. Just be careful if you were attached to the sunset time idea, because it can go rather quickly.

Passing the Drinks Out Too Early

A wedding is an incredibly popular place to start opening the drinks. It's a time to celebrate after all, right?!

As much as this is true, careful having pre-ceremony drinks accessible for guests or especially the wedding party.

Although it's uncommon to witness, you simply wouldn't want your groom-to-be tripping down the aisle because they had a few too many beforehand.

Not to mention the whole one-eye-open look for the wedding photos afterwards. If possible, keep drinks to a controlled amount and hide the jello-shots until after the vows.

Not Having a Backup Location

Thankfully, it's quite rare to have a wedding day rain-out. But - it can happen!

A good example was witnessing a couple needing to relocate their ceremony last minute due to a tropical storm that arrived faster than expected. The company was able to get the arbor setup beforehand, but the rain had already began to pour just before the ceremony.

With no backup location, they called their reception location. The hotel was luckily able to help them, but sadly that meant the ceremony ended up in a tiny yellowed conference room with some hotel chairs for the guests to sit. In the end it's all about the love, so it was wonderful to still witness a couple being able to still have their ceremony with their family present. But, even a few hundred dollars would've ensured they would've had a Location B to setup at with far less stress.

Keen Tip: You could also have a backup wedding DAY instead of location if your vendors and times are flexible with this option.

Having it During the Busiest Time of Year

You may have the vision of a beautiful July 4th theme wedding on the beach. How fun does that sound?!

But. Unless, you have the advantage of having a more private location that your beach wedding is being held.. chances are the beaches are going to be busier than expected.

If you do not like the idea of your wedding photos being littered by blue umbrellas or people gawking nearby. Or, if you do not like the smell of too-much-sunscreen in the air, we would recommend avoiding any major beach-day holidays.

Not Having a Professional Videographer

There are often already many cameras and phones recording and snapping away at any given wedding these days. This can sometimes put a false sense of comfort, believing that "everything will be captured".

However, beach weddings are especially difficult to record the vows due to the lovely sound of nature nearby. Your guests may have captured the scenic view and you both standing, but the words spoken will be lost in the wind.

A professional videographer will use small clip-on mics to record the audio so it is clearly heard in your wedding video later.

Not Thinking of the Guests Comfort

Sometimes having a beach wedding can impose some questions on comfort for the guests or family.

If you are having an early-day beach wedding, it's a good idea to provide items to help others be comfortable during the ceremony. Such as some extra sunglasses, parasols, or even water bottles on the beach. Many may not think about these items until they are walking down the boardwalk, thinking "Ah, it's pretty warm out right now."

Another thing to consider is to hire a service to deliver a beach-friendly wheelchair for any family members that may need additional assistance for the ceremony location.

Just Simply Overdecorating

Sometimes we get really inspired by seeing extravagant wedding decorations. After browsing around on Etsy or making our wedding decor plans on Pinterest, it might be hard to decide which beach-theme wedding items to include and just hit Buy All. Now.

Then poof, there are cute fabrics, ties, candles, and garlands on everything that could possibly be decorated! Ah, and sparkles!

The prettiest designs can actually be the most simple as well. Some decor is definitely desired and appreciated - it can really add a certain ambiance. However, if it's getting the way in the guests dishes during dinner, it might be overkill.

Keep in mind, when it comes to clean-up time, you will appreciate the simplicity.

Having a Melt-Friendly Cake Outdoors

Should you be having a ceremony outside, you should probably tell your cake maker this important detail. Especially, if it is going to be summertime.

Without the proper method of preparation, a wedding cake in the humid heat of a hot Florida day will start to lose it's shape and possibly even melt before you get around to cutting it.

We have seen a cake or two ready to slide away and make a run for it. But, this can be easily avoided.

Keen Tip: If you are making the cake, there are some humid-friendly recipes online. Or, you can also find a way to keep it secured inside of a cooler until it's ready for display.

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