Why Hire Beachy Keen Weddings?


Unlike other wedding services with high fixed prices, low allowance for discounts, and zero customization, we strongly practice giving you complete control to personalize your wedding and reception.

Whether your wedding is One Year or One Day Away, our Design Your Own Wedding policy allows you to freely add/ subtract our services to tailor fit your needs and budget. Now You control your price!

There is No Box, so we encourage you to color Inside & Outside the Lines!



Where on Earth is Beachy Keen Weddings?


We are based out of Pensacola and serve the entire Florida Gulf Coast. We currently design beach weddings in Dauphin Island, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Perdido Key, Pensacola Beach, Navarre, Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island, and Destin.


How do I Reserve my Wedding Date?


NOW works for us! We flow on a First Come, First Reserve basis, so we recommend putting your deposit down to lock in your ceremony date; we especially emphasize this point to those who want a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Sunset wedding.

KEEN TIP: Friday and Saturday sunset ceremonies are the most sought-after times, so those get reserved first. If you want to know the sunset time of a specific day, just ask and we will gladly share.

Now, while we do work year round, the prime seasonal conditions we recommend are between March & November; however, the most in-demand booking times are between May & October because of summer.



What if I Want a Reception?


We are glad you asked! Send us your reception needs and details and we will send you different packages and services we can personalize to your taste.



How do I Obtain a Marriage License?


Go to a Florida County Clerk closest to your location:

  1. Both parties must be present

  2. Bring state ID’s or Passports (double check expiration date)

  3. Have Social Security Numbers

  4. Pay $93.50 to Pass Go

  5. Florida Locals wait 3 days for the document; Non-residents are Instant

Keen Tip: Bring divorce decree if divorced within 6 months

If you live out of state, you can apply online here (it is more expensive though): https://www.floridamarriagelicensebymail.com/wedding-license-applications-florida.php

For more information, visit: http://www.okaloosaclerk.com/index.php/official-records/37-marriage-license



Where Should I Hold my Ceremony?


Send us a message with your ceremony & reception information and we will help you find the most fitting & in-budget beach.


Can I Have my Wedding at my Condo/Hotel/Rental?


Some locations allow events, and others may not or have regulations. Depends entirely on your location! Just tell us where you are staying and we will do our research and let you know.



Is There a Ceremony Rehearsal?


If you feel a ceremony rehearsal would best suit your needs, we do offer them 24 hours before your wedding for an additional fee.



Can I Write my Own Vows?


No, definitely Not – it’s not like they are your vows…

Just kidding, we encourage all couples to travel deep into their hearts and express their love on their special day; however, we do have recommendations we can send you to get your creative writing juices flowing.



Can I Bring my Own Photographer/Videographer/Officiant?


Absolutely! Just be aware that we do provide quality photography and videography, as we've been in these fields for over 15 years. If you're looking to hire out the same quality, you will be hiring someone in the 4 figures. We will also provide you a discount if you bring your own photographer on packages that include our photographer.



Can I Bring my Own Decorations?


Florida State Park Recreational Facilities requires any individual or entity partaking in a wedding to hold a Limited Liability Insurance Policy for any equipment used in the ceremony on the beach. Meaning, if you bring any equipment and do not hold insurance, you can receive a fine if you get caught. So swim at your own risk…OR…we can rent/buy the equipment from you and bypass your need to hold insurance!

Beachy Keen will NOT be able to set up your equipment OR be held responsible for the state of your equipment IF we do not rent or own the material.

Our Insurance Policy ONLY covers our equipment we rent or own.


Is Ceremony Music Provided?

We provide a wide range of our recommended music OR you can send us your personal playlist of what you desire.

There MAY be an additional fee for speaker equipment depending on the size of your wedding and your add-ons.


What do I do with the Marriage License After the Ceremony?

If you and your partner take your license to the Okaloosa County Clerk yourselves then they will give you your license that day. Otherwise, we personally have an armoured vehicle Uber us to the county clerk where we submit the documents for you.

If you requested your license from a different county clerk, then we priority mail your document. The county will then mail out your certified copy to your address and you will recieve it within 30 days.


What if I Need to Postpone my Date?


Not a problem for us at all – just let us know the next date you’d like and as long as we are not booked for that time then the date is yours!


What if it Rains on my Wedding Date?

In the event of rainfall, we ALWAYS recommend having a backup location selected BEFORE your wedding day. We will have recommendations based on location, group size, and weather status.

We do allow you to change dates as long as we are available.



What if I Need to Cancel?


No Stress, 50% of your Total Package Cost is considered our Deposit Amount.

Our Deposit Refund Policy is a simple 25% Retaining Fee and the remaining 75% is Refundable within the first 30 days you put your Deposit down.

If you cancel after the 30 Day window then we keep the Deposit and refund the Remaining Balance.

If you Paid-In-Full upon booking then we simply deduct the non-refundable deposit from your Total Amount and Refund the Remaining balance.

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